Payroll & Compliance

Payroll services

✓ Payroll processing & payslips
✓ Submission of monthly PAYE/UIF/SDL returns (EMP201/501)
✓ Submission of monthly UIF declarations to Labour Dept

Financial statements preparation

✓ Income statement
✓ Balance sheet / statement of financial position
✓ Cash-flow statement
✓ Notes to financial statements

Financial budgets & forecasts preparation

✓ Income statement
✓ Balance sheet / statement of financial position
✓ Cash-flow statement

Business registrations services

✓ Company registration (CK)
✓ Share certificates
✓ B_BBEE affidavit
✓ Tax compliance status pin (tax clearance)
✓ Govt Central supplier database registration (CSD)
✓ Business / company profile

Company amendments

✓ Director changes (additions and removals)
✓ Company name changes

Compliance services

✓ VAT registration
✓ PAYE/UIF/SDL registration
✓ UIF / COIDA (dept of Labour) registration
✓ Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB)
✓ Central supplier database registration (CSD)
✓ Income tax / VAT / PAYE returns submission & tax clearance
✓ Annual returns filing and submission

Accounting services

✓ Monthly book-keeping services
✓ Monthly management accounts
✓ Annual financial statements
✓ Budgets & forecasts

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Payroll services

✓ Monthly payroll processing and management
✓ Payslips generation and distribution to employees
✓ SARS EMP201 returns & EMP501 reconciliation
✓ Dept of Labour UIF declaration submissions

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Taxation services

✓ Corporate/company income tax
✓ Personal/individual income tax
✓ Tax clearance certificates
✓ Value added tax returns
✓ Pay as you earn returns

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Business & company secretarial services

✓ New business / company registrations
✓ Company / director amendments / annual returns
✓ Shareholders register & share certificates
✓ CIDB; COIDA; BBBEE and CSD registrations
✓ VAT; PAYE; and UIF registrations

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